'2 lines won't do. I need a page for the compliments about the house and the hosts'  Maeve, London 06/'11

"beautiful house and room, extraordinary art ' Sonya & Haus, Switzerland 06/'11

"inspirational! lovely place to stay" Anne Louise & Durcan, Dublin 06/'11

'refreshingly different, quirky and cool' Sharon, Nottingham 06/'11

"beautiful view, lovely rooms and very comfortable beds !!!" Nichole & Holger, Germany 05/'11

"an exquistite view, room and stay" Molly, Canada 05/'11

"what a beautiful house, what exquiste breakfasts, thank you so much" Freya & Pash, London 05/'11

"fantastic, delicious breakfast, very helpful people" Stephanie & Simone, Switzerland 05/'11

"thankyou very much for being such lovely hosts, the amamzing house, and wonderful restaurant recommendations,

we look forward to the Meerkat print! " Tobias & Stephanie, London 04/'11

"thanks for a lovely comfortable stay" Mary, London 04/'11

"thank you for our too brief stay, hope to return" Margaret, Lanc 04/'11

"thank you so much for a healing retreat" Ruth, London 04/'11

"fantastic, lovely stay, loved the cats ! x" M, Essex 04/'11

"lovely really enjoyable and cats too!" John & Trina, Bristol 03/'11

"loved it, also hope to return, beautiful!" Becky, Yarmouth 10/'11

"fantastic" Scoat, London 01/'11

"brilliant" Fred, London 01/'11

"a brilliant stay, thank you, can't wait to come back" Esther, London 01/'11

 "we've had a wonderful stay, great hospitality" Katherine & Ann, Brixton 11/'10

"fantastic!! had such a warm relaxing stay, brekky was fab too, thanks, xoxo" Hayley & Michael, NZ 11/'10

"thank you for your wonderful hospitality, wow breakfasts!" D & E, Cheltenham 10/'10

"great location, super view and comfy room" R, London 10/'10

"fabulous best breakfast ever!" Frances & William, Devon 10/'10

"amamzing! we are coming back!" Tim & Helena, Edinburgh 10/'10

"absolutley fantastic, really enjoyed my stay, loved the view, thanks!" Susy & Dom, Bristol 10/'10

"many thanks to Peter and Andrea for your continued excellent hospitality again, we will return, just so comfortable" Mike 10/'10

"lovley cats !! beautiful view and delicious breakfast" Sandy & Apu, 09/'10

"great stay, good advice where to eat, thanks" Nichole & Phil, Somerset 09/'10

"v.nice" Robyn 09/'10

"thank you so much, we enjoyed the stay" Hiroko & Yumi, Japan 09/'10

"good! molto bello, love Italy!" G, Itally 08/'10

"wonderful place, fantastic room, great food, thank you very much" Norapat, London 08/'10

"fantastic room and view, so pleased it rained! wonderful breakfasts and hosts, thanks" Haza & Ben, London 08/'10

"lovely very welcoming, fab brekkie" Karen & Simon, London 08/'10

"wonderful stay nad brilliant restuarant recommnedations" 08/'10

"fab' S & D, 08/'10

"thank you, great breakfast and room, 5 stars" A & M, Surrey 08/'10

"amazing house and view, great food, very nice people to welcome you like home, 5 star B&B" Cathy, Nick & Lou, France 08/'10

"thanks for a fantastic break and most amazing breakfasts" James & Fran, Derby 08/'10

"very nice, fantastic B&B lovely breakfast" Troels & Kathrine, Copenhagen 08/'10

"perfect choice for a stay in St.Ives, many thanks Peter" Rachel,Auckland NZ 08/'10

"great times" Andy & Hannah, Manchester 08/'10

"gorgeous room, fantastic welcome, lovely breakfast" Sam & Jayden, London 08/'10

"excellent room, hospitality and food, well def. recommned" Jessica & Charles, London 07/'10

"great beds, love the chilled outness of it all" Hugh & Richard, London & Dublin 07/'10

"very warm welcome and a beautiful place" Nashie, Paris 07/'10

"a great stay, marvelous B&B, could'nt be better, a memorable 40th" David, Birmingham 07/'10

"a delightful stay, most welcoming and delightful accommodation, thank you very much" J & T, Ipswich 07/'10

"thanks for a great break" Fiona and Sarah, Devon 07/'10

"fantastic room, great breakfasts and advice" Lianne & Matt, Derby 07/'10

"now relaxed and ready to go back to the children, simply lovely" Claire & Adam, Burgundy 07/'10

"lovely family break very comfortable, thanks" Karen, Brighton 07/'10

"an oasis in Cornwall will definately be back" Gary & Greg, San Fransisco 07/'10

"very comfy rooms, most welcoming hosts" Joyce & Kavan, Devon 7/'10

"lovely view, super breakfast" Heather & Alan, Barnsley 07/'10

"perfect place, great views, wonderful room and helpful hosts" Eva & Peter, Birlin 07/'10

"wonderful will be back" Michael & Tracy, Molvern 06/'10

"fine breakfasts, a great palce! we will return, many thanks" Andrew & Kriszhina, London 06/'10

"what a lovely place, thanks so much" Anne & Nic, London 06/'10

"excellent breakfasts, comfortable room, thank you" Jennie, Derby 06/'10

"yay!" Ursula, Surrey 06/'10

"really lovely realxed stay" Inga & Les, Kilkenny 06/'10

"lovely and relaxed" jackie & Mark, Cheltenham 06/'10

"wonderful, thank you" Mathew & Ellen, Santa Barbara 06/'10

"lovely" K, USA 06/'10

"clean, lovely, good food, you've thought of everything, great thanks" Ailsa, Sutton 06/'10

"beautiful room, very welcoming, delicious food and a shimmering backdrop!!!!" Richard and Louise, Stafford 06/'10

"beautiful house, scrummy breakfast, and friendly owners!!! we love it" Boris and Annabelle, Bristol 06/'10

"fantastic hosts, fantastic food!!  great view and location, loved our stay!! Maroo, Karachi 06/'10

"fantastic food, lovely atmosphere, thank you so much" Emily, London 06/'10

"delicious breakfast and perfect location, what a fabulous Cornwall location" Claire, London 06/'10

 "delightful! delish breakfast, love St. Ives" Alison, Auckland NZ 05/'10

"best sleep ever, room with a view and good food for mt picky tastes, thanks" Emily and Aaron, London 05/'10

"a fabulous stay, in a fabulous place with great people" Louise and Britesh, Oxford 05/'10

"thank you for a wonderful stay!" Catherine and Enrico, Tuscanny 05/'10

"bella arte, ottimo cebo estremo mispetto per la natura"  Monica and Sabine, Switzerland 05/'10

"I'll come again" J, London 05/'10

"me too" P, Reigate 05/'10

"thanks a lot, it was great and delicious!!!" R and A Germany, 05/'10

"thank you guys" Dave and Cathy, London 05/'10

"thank you.... yummy sausages" Claire, Bornemouth 05/'10

"wonderful stay" Christa, Germany 05/'10

"wonderful stay, thank you so much" C, London 05/'10

"lovely house, refreshing room, thanks" David, Essex 05/'10

"had a great time, thank you" Ruth, Hove 05/'10

"fantastic room, food, and hosts" Sabrina, London 05/'10

"love staying here, so relaxing, nice weather, great food" Miguel, London 05/'10

"great time, super relaxing!" Brian, london 05/'10

"will definately be back soon, amazing b and b, feels so chilled" Jo, Essex 04/'10

"amazing stay, delicious breakfast, will be back soon" Stephanie, Essex 04/'10

"absolutely fabulous, will come again" Hannah, London 04/'10

"wonderful - will reccomend to everyone, even had a flying dream!!!" Danny, London 04/'10

"great organic panda, great weather, great food, great trip" Sally-ann, Micheal and Toby, Kent 04/'10

 "very comfortable, great food, thanks" Lesley, London 04/'10

"best b and b we have stayed in, thanks" N, Wimbledon 04/'10

"great place, lovely food and welcoming homely atmosphere" Robert and Julie, Northants 02/'10

"wecoming and warm hosts, St. Ives in January is fabulous" Rachel and Kelvin, Bristol 01/'10

 "great views and greatbreakfasts and wonderful hosts xx" Nick and Robbie, London 12/'09

"thank you for a great time in St. Ives" Nick and Bea, London 12/'09

"thank you for a delightful welcome and unexpected play!" Nancy, London 12/'09

"wonderful stay, thanks so much" Jennie, London 11/'09

"fantastic time and so welcomed, thanks so much" Alisa, London 11/'09

"perfect, couldn't have asked for better weather, accommodation or cats, will be back next year" Vicki and Richard, London 11/'09

"feels like home away from home, excellant food" D and G, London 11/'09

"idyllic location, idyllic weekend away" Anna, London 11/'09

"wonderful relaxing stay, big room and bigger breakfast!" Ben and Jessica, Wales 10/'09

"lovely view, lovely bed and most of all lovely hosts" S and K, London 10/'09

"fantastic! thank you!" Robyn and Johanna, Cambridge 10/'09

"absolutely lovely!" Alistair and Jade, Hants 10/'09

"great room and great sea view!" Francesco, Lecco 10/'09

 "great stay, was a hoot to meet the owners!" Rick and Carol, Ottowa 10/'09

"we've had a lovely restful time, enjoyed St. Ives, thank you" Angela and Richard 10/'09

"great location, love the beds nad food -thanks!" Jen & Rachel, Oxford 09/'09

"best B&B ever !!" R & SY, 09/'09

"great rooms, breakfasts and t-shirts, thanks" Olga & Judith, London 09/'09

"lovely food, fab location-excellent" Julie, Leicester 09/'09

"excellent stay and fab birthday cake-thanks so much" S London, 08/'09

"thanks for having us and thaks for all the fish" Tara, London 08/'09

"best spinach ever and your tomatoes rock!" Andy, London 08/'09

"lovely rooms, fabulous breakfasts, great welcome - we'll be back" Ol & Ann-Marie, London 08/'09

"we'll be back, great palce you have here" J & J, Surrey 08/'09

"I really like the rooms and town, the breakfasts are yummy" Al 9 yrs old, Kent 07/'09

"thank you for making our stay fab, it was great" Kate  07/'09

"thank you very much fro ur wonderful breakfasts nad excellent advice on where to eat" Alicia & Michelle 07/'09

"thank you for a lovely stay, great hospitality" Tina & Andreas, Berlin 07/'09

"fantastic stay, hearty food and an amazing bed-many thanks" Ed & Sophie, Somerset 07/'09

"Andrea is a really good painter and fashion designer and Peter is a really good cook" E aged 10, London 07/'09

"v.true, great place, lovely people" Pippa, London 07/'09

"brilliant - nice people to stay with" Alan & Sian, London 07/'09

"brilliant-thank you" Ian & Sarah, Bath 06/'09

"highly commended-thank you" Colin & Katrina, Aukland 06/'09

"welconing, relaxed, excellent food, if only all business trips were this good" Paul & Katherine, Glossop 06/09

" a fab find, very relaxing and nice brekky" Ben & Sophie, Leeds 05/'09

"great place-well be back-ta xx" Max & Dean, Birmingham 05/'09

"what a lovely place, we really enjoyed our stay-thank you" Ann & Ian, Harrow 05/'09

"thanks for a lovely stay, great place, great company" Adriene & Mark, Sutton 05/'09

"great stay" Stuart & Lindia, Dicksmount Norfolk 05/'09

"we really enjoyed our stay, thanks for your great hospitality" Jose & Lizzy, London 04/'09

"we enjoyed very much the stay, and Peter's welcome, great room" Odile & Michael, London 04/'09

"very welcoming , fine food and conversation- be back soon" Pat & Frances, London 04/'09

"home from home, without our clutter- unbeatable views and breckfasts" Miranda & Eric, Bidford 03/'09

"this place is fab" L & M, London 02/'09

"yum, purr, arrhh" Nichola & Michael, London 01/'09

"lovely rekaxing stay and great breakfast" Lucie & T, London 01/'09

"had a wonderful time, came away very relaxed and restored (thanx to comfy beds), love Slippers the cat too !" L & A, 01/'09

"I enjoyed the whole experience of relaxed atmosphere and comfy beds" Ginny, Worcs 12/'08

"Organic Panda is every bit as special as i hoped it would be-thank you" Brigit of the Green Bus, 12/'08

"what a lovely birthday treat almost worth turning 30 for" Dave & Rosie, Exmouth 11/'08

"cometh the hour, cometh the... B&B. The 'hours' of this weeks family celebration were full of mystery and magic and Panda matched, in every respect, all we shared together. Panda's skills, imagination, detailed planning & huge generousity of spirit are exceptional - all that and two super cats too" Jenny & Mike, Sussex 10/'08

"we had a great break away, amamzing place, amamzingly delicious breakfasts- thank you" Julian & Angela, Berks 10/'08

"brilliant, delightful in every way" M & C, Co. Durham 10/'08

"loved it! nad thanks for arranging great weather" B & N, Plymouth 09/'08

"perfect tonicin so may ways" Jennifer, Harrow 09/'08

"absolutley fantastic-felt like part of a perfect dream-I could not have imagined anything so wonderful" Rachel, London 09/'08

"wonderful stay, very friendly atmosphere, beautiful rooms with beautiful views" Muriel & Theresa, Truro 09/'08

"fantastic room, inspirational view, breakfast to die for, beautiful house, Peter & Andrea very friendly will recommned highly" A, Lancs 08/'08

"lovely house, great food, comfy beds-highly recommended" Lisa & Keiran, Surrey 08/'08

"this place is lovely, i want to move in" Jess & Paul, London 08/'08

"very peaceful, relaxing and welcoming, great brekky n sea views-thanx" Emily & Steve, Essex 08/'08

"very beaytiful house with friendly welcome" Carmen, Switzerland 08/'08

"thank you for your hospitality and inspiration - wonderful place and concept" Sabrina & Kai, Reading 08/'08

" a lovely place to stay, i liked it because it was cosy and nice" Mica aged, 08/'08

"food is great, but the hosts even greater ! wow !" Paula & Roberto, Itally 08/'08

"such a pleasure to have stayed here" Solomon's Temple, 08/'08

"totally relaxed, well fed, stunning scenery - the finest hospitality from Peter" Simon & Kate, London 08/'08

"Really Fantastic-we had a wonderful stay nad ebjoyed it very much" Rob & Vanessa, NL 08/'08

"fantastic stay once again, great food, great atmosphere" Q , Birmingham 08/'08

"1600 pandas in the world, only one one Organic Panda" Lundra & Bruno, Lewis 07/'08

"fantastic-much needed relaxation and great mammouth breakfasts" Hannah, Hants 07/'08

"definately a room with a view-superb breakfasts" Sofie & Rika, Belgium 07/'08

"first, class views, acommodation and company-lovely food too"  Leslie & Roger, Plymouth 07/'08

"the view from our room was marvelous and the hosts fabulous' Xavier & Sergei, London 07/'08

"fabulous breakfast, great views, thank you for everything" Owen & Marlene, St Ives Australia 07/'08

"the best breakfast on our trip-spectacular views from our room - thanx" Jan & Susanne, Germany 06/'08

"perfect for our weekend-fanatstic place n views" Ul, Marlow 06/'08

"wonderful room-wonderful hosts" Mathew & Anna, London 06/'08

"truly enjoyed it and strongly recommended" Monica & Mark 05/'08

 "we love the Organic Panda" Sian & Jenny, Tadworth 05/'08